It feels great having a quality bag to compliment your daily work attire. Whether going to the office or having some gofer things, a messenger bag comes in handy. It has an old-school style that fits the new telecommuting motif. Here are some benefits of having a messenger bag.

It Has a Rich History

While the messenger bag had a nice comeback in the 1980s, it was practical before the early millennials. These were used by messengers on the “Pony Express” to deliver pertinent information, messages, and small packages hundreds of miles away. 

The large satchel bag was perfect to fit over the horse saddle, and the shoulder strap could help carry the documents when foot travel was necessary.  By World War II, you saw the same concept but enhanced. 

Medics carried their supplies in the heavy-duty ones. Officers would use the leather-style messenger bags to handle delicate information. Dispatch riders would use more of a sling-type wool bag to carry mail to the front lines.

Not only are you wearing a fashion statement, but you have a piece of history and carry on the tradition in a modern way.

Great For Storing Items

For something so simple to carry, it has a lot of room to hold numerous things. You can have all of your work documents in one pocket. You can stash your laptop or tablet for your job or a day of research at school in the larger area.

Additionally, there are smaller pockets to store your keys, phone, and passport if you need to travel out of the country.  Use these bags on the go without missing a step in your busy schedule. 

Comfortable to Carry

While a nice-looking bag is solid to have with your daily attire, you still need comfort. A courier pack allows you more breathing room. You don’t have to carry it with your hands or let it drape a specific way on your shoulders.

You can get ones with adjustable straps to help suit your frame. It has a more compact appeal that will make it feel lighter to carry if you have to be on your feet for hours at a time. Weatherproof bags can make it easier to deal with rain and other elements to keep your items safe. 

Having a messenger bag can help you in work, school, or other errands throughout your day.

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