Going to your first rave can be an exciting experience. Prepare for such an undertaking. Think about the things to help you get ready for that big festival. Here are some things that will help you prepare for your first rave.

Get Some Comfortable Shoes

Before you decide on a rave outfit, you have to start with the shoes. Are you thinking of sneakers or boots? Always get them in black to make them easy to clean after the event.

Boots would work best when you’re dealing with rough terrain and bad weather. Sneakers are comfortable for something indoors and on a flat surface. It’s imperative to look at the weather and venue to help you get the appropriate footwear for the event.

Learn Some Dance Moves

Whether you learn how to POI with some glow sticks or get new variations for the Melbourne Shuffle, it’s good to practice some dance moves before the event. You can start by looking on YouTube and other sites for free tutorials.

Once you get more comfortable with the moves, go to some local sessions. There you can meet experienced ravers and start getting advice on things you can improve. Also, it’ll inspire you to think more creatively. 

You’ll get some experience dancing in front of people, which will help you out at the upcoming rave. 


Make it a habit to drink more water to help you get used to taking in healthy fluids in your body. When you’re at a rave, you might forget to drink water. However, giving yourself reminders can make it more natural. 

When you drink water and electrolytes to stay hydrated, it’ll be better for you when attending an all-day rave. See if there’s a free water booth to help you save money at the rave as well. 

Go With Friends

Another thing to help prepare for your first festival is to go with a group of friends you trust. It’ll be much safer because you have each other’s best interest at hand. Also, you have someone you can contact in case of an emergency. 

You can meet other people, but it’s a great time to share some moments with the people you hang out with the most. Also, you can share the memories with your core group of friends. 

It’s fun to go to your first rave but make sure you’re safe, you practice your dance moves, and stay hydrated to have a great time at the event. 

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