Earlier, Windows 10 2014 version was available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. But, Microsoft recently announced the unavailability of a 32-bit version on new PCs. You will only get the 64-bit Windows 10 version on the latest computers. Microsoft Stop Releasing 32-Bit

But, Microsoft claimed that the 32-bit OS would work perfectly on the existing devices. The Windows 10 users won’t get any hurdle to run the 32-bit version on their devices. Moreover, Microsoft won’t stop releasing security features in the 32-bit version. But, the 32-bit processor has certain limitations. And, for their season, Microsoft dropped the release of the 32-bit version.

Along with these, renowned PC manufacturers are deploying 64-bit processors. Because 64-bit systems are reliable, easy to use and deliver super-fast performance. This is why Microsoft is more into 64-bit processors than 32-bit processors. Furthermore, Microsoft has taken such a drastic step for a few more reasons.

Microsoft’s hardware vendors have initiated these system requirement changes. Because, with a 32-bit processor, it will be difficult to stand out in the fierce competition. Do you want more updates on the Windows 10 2004 version? Here are the detailed information that Microsoft mentioned in its latest publication –

Can You Still Purchase a 32-Bit Windows PC in 2021?

Though, currently, 32-bit Windows PCs are not available in the global market. But, you can still purchase the retail copy of the Windows 10 variant. Over the years, the demand for 32-bit CPUs has declined in the PC manufacturing industry. This could be another valid reason for taking down 32-bit CPUs.

Do the Existing 32-Bit PC Users Face any Compatibility Issues?

Microsoft specified that the 32-bit computer owners wouldn’t face hindrances in the long run. However, you can’t further use 32-bit PCs if Microsoft changed its policies. Even the 32-bit PC users can’t run the Windows applications after the policy update. So, it will be better to switch to 64-bit CPUs to avoid further inconvenience. Microsoft has only made this decision to elevate the Windows user’s expectations.

To get more storage capacity, Windows introduced 64-bit CPUs. In 2020, Microsoft increased the 32-bit CPU’s storage space from 16GB to 32GB. According to the laptop repair service, this was a subtle step towards system enhancements.

Did Microsoft Stop the Distribution of 32-Bit PCs due to its Limited Memory?

Usually, on 32-bit Windows devices, users get only 3.5 GB of RAM. Do you think that’s enough for a professional who has long-term PC usage? Even after installing solid-state drivers, you will get storage issues on 32-bit PCs. Moreover, the less storage space, the more time the device will take to boot. Additionally, Windows users have also faced sudden screen freezing issues on 32-bit processors. Also, the 32-bit PCs were unable to handle the intensive workloads.

Furthermore, Windows users reported problems while multitasking on these devices. While swapping from one application to another, the 32-bit CPU often crashes. And, this can bring a lot of inconvenience in the middle of essential office-related work. Additionally, a 32-bit Windows device takes more than 20 minutes to reboot.

Do you mostly use a computer for streaming online content or to play games? Then, this booting time won’t be an issue. But, for the remote workers, a 20-minute booting time can cause further delay.

What is Mentioned in the Latest Hardware Requirements of Microsoft?

In Microsoft’s 2020 Windows update, Neowin first pointed out the hardware modifications. And, Microsoft released 905 pages of documentation about the upcoming technical charges. Every PC manufacturer needs to follow those system requirements in their upcoming devices. There should be at least 1TGb of RAM in the 32-bit PCs. Whereas, PC manufacturers should add 2GB RAM in the 64-bit units.

Like HP or Lenovo, most PC manufacturers acknowledge how RAM capacity reflects on the device’s performance. And, for this reason, HP replaced the HDD with SSD in their latest laptops. Additionally, Dell’s upcoming Windows laptops are coming with both HDD and SSDs. It will help expand the storage capacity of the 32-bit PCs.

Why is Microsoft Forcing Windows Users to Upgrade their 32-Bit PCs?

Is the 32-bit PC running at a slow pace? Did the Microsoft applications take ample time to open? Consider using 64-bit PCs to speed up the device. You can even run 32-bit applications on a 64-bit PC, whereas a 32-bit PC can’t do the same. A 32-bit PC isn’t compatible with any of the 64-bit programs.

Additionally, 32-bit PCs aren’t ideal for gaming or web surfing. But the 64-bit GPUs are designed for enhancing the user’s gaming experience. With a 64-bit processor, the users can opt for video editing or audit documents with ease.

Can You Use a 32-bit Graphics Card in a 64-bit PC?

Microsoft claimed that 32-bit drivers would work on 64-bit devices. But, don’t try to use a 32-bit graphics card in the 64-bit PCs — that won’t support it. Moreover, you can even face unwanted screen glitches for installing incompatible graphics cards. A 64-bit processor is 2x faster than a 32-bit unit. So, replace the existing 32-bit PC immediately to unleash infinite possibilities.

Are 64-Bit Processors more Secure than 32-bit Processors?

Microsoft has always emphasised enhancing the user’s security. In Windows 10, Microsoft added new security features to reduce the potential threats. But, the 64-bit OS is more secure than the 32-bit Windows version. Because the 64-bit OS can be an effective deterrent for a sudden malware attack.

Microsoft has included ASLR in the 64-bit Windows devices. This security feature wasn’t there in the 32-bit version. With this feature, Microsoft restricts hackers to access a user’s location. Thus, if the cybercriminals assume the wrong location, it can result in a system crash.

What are the Other Security Features of the 64-Bit Windows Version?

Microsoft has also made a driver sign-in mandatory for 64-bit Windows 10 users. With this security feature, users can prevent unauthorised users from accessing the drivers. Moreover, after enabling this feature, Microsoft will activate a code.

Without that code, the hackers can’t breach the drive data. Earlier, Microsoft tried to enforce this driver sign-in function in the 32-bit Windows version. However, due to compatibility issues, this feature didn’t work in this Windows OS. But, in the 64-bit Windows OS, you can activate and deactivate this security feature easily.

Did you find the Kernel Patch Protection in the 32-bit Windows version? But, it can be found in 64-bit Windows devices. Usually, this feature helps to prevent the applications from running in kernel mode. Sometimes, drivers and software can automatically start to run in kernel mode.

With KPP, you can stop those software/drivers to get into kernel mode. But, why should you do that? Because most of the programs or drivers usually crash in the kernel mode. This will result in degrading the Windows 10 PC’s overall performance.

Improve the Productivity with 64-Bit Windows 10 PCs

With the advent of remote working environments, the usage of 67-bit PCs has increased. 64-bit processors can increase the work efficiency of an OS. Opt for buying the latest PC that supports 64-bit Windows OS. Although, all the advanced PCs might not have a 64-bit processor. In certain instances, consider checking the system requirements of the device.

Don’t know how to check the system requirements? Start with moving to the “This PC” section. And, from there, locate the “Properties” option first, then tap on “System Type”. In this section, you can check whether the device has a 32-bit or 64-bit OS. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearby Microsoft store and upgrade the OS now.

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