Undoubtedly, the AirPods Pro is one of the best innovations by Apple. More than 100 million iPhone users are expected to use these wireless earbuds in 2021. Though AirPods Pro wasn’t the first wireless headphones that you could pair with an iPhone. But, this next-generation earbuds’ accessibility has made it popular over the years. Moreover, AirPods Pro got a massive appreciation for its portability, design and performance. But, this Apple product might be expensive to afford.

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Why AirPods Pro Costs More Than Standard AirPods?

Apple’s Airpods currently cost only $159. Whereas, Apple’s AirPod Pro’s price is way higher than this. From a standard AirPods, AirPods Pro costs an extra $90. And, the reasons behind this higher price tag could be many. Apple did a hefty audio enhancement in this latest AirPods model.

Earlier, iPhone users experienced sound issues after connecting Bluetooth and AirPod, simultaneously. Some users were unable to answer Wi-Fi calls when the iPhones were connected with AirPods.

Apple has rectified all the AirPods-related issues in AirPods Pro. But, even after this, if you face any problem in Pro, search “Apple Service Center Near me”. Choose an authorised Apple service provider for guaranteed solutions.

AirPods Pro: What’s New in It?

Apple’s AirPod Pro officially rolled out in the global market on 28 October 2019. Since then, it received an appraisal for offering notable audio features to the users. Pro’s innovative in-ear design is what the iOS users liked the most.

Moreover, this wireless earbud is compatible with a lot of iOS devices. These include the seven-generation iPod Touch, 11-inch iPad Pro and 5th-generation iPad Mini. Alongside, AirPods Pro can be paired with the latest iPhones and even in 3rd-gen iPad Air.

Additionally, AirPods Pro comes in diverse colour schemes — white, moss, black and navy. Apple is even planning to launch an Ivory-coloured AirPods Pro later this year. With these new wire-free earbuds, Apple aimed to improve the iOS user’s audio experience.

AirPods Pro Got Incredible Design!

Apple has made the earbud stems shorter and added silicone tips in AirPods Pro. In AirPods or AirPods Max, this feature wasn’t there. And, these silicon tips are available in different sizes — large, small and medium.

Apple revamped the design of AirPods Pro, so it can fit comfortably and tightly. Do you know which feature the iOS users find the most intriguing? AirPods Pro’s water-resistant capabilities are what is new in an Apple earbud. Moreover, Apple has deployed noise cancellation technology in this next-gen AirPods.

Shorter the Size Better the Performance

Apple’s latest version of AirPods’s width is 16.55mm, and its length is 40.4 mm. Whereas, AirPods Pro is 21.8 mm wide and its estimated length is 30.9mm. Therefore, both in height and width, AirPods Pro is smaller than the standard AirPods. But, AirPods Pro offers better audio functionalities than AirPods. So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that size does not always matter.

However, AirPods Pro comes with a bigger and ultra-advanced wireless charging case. AirPods’s case’s weight is 45.6 grams which are 1.2x heavier than AirPods. But, it feels the same while carrying both the cases of AirPods and AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro’s earbuds weigh 5.4 grams, which makes them easy to carry.

Unlimited Battery Life & Super-Fast Charging

AirPods Pro’s wireless charging case has the ability to charge up the device within 5-15 minutes. All you need to do is place the earbuds in the Qi-certified charging cases, that’s it. Apple revealed that once you charge the AirPods Pro for 5 minutes, you can use it for a straight 1 hour.

AirPods Pro comes with 24 hours of battery longevity, isn’t that amazing? Even listening to songs or FaceTime your friends using this Apple earbud for 4.5 hours. To conserve battery, experts recommend using one earbud and charging the other one. Furthermore, the iOS users get 18 hours of talking time in AirPods Pro.

Reduce the Background Sound with Active Noise Cancellation

AirPods Pro is Apple’s first wireless earbud that has noise removal functions. Previously, you might have noticed this feature in Apple’s on-ear headsets. But, noise cancellation works differently in both on-ear and in-ear earphones. You can attend office calls or online meetings in a crowded place by activating this feature.

But, do you know how to enable “Noise Cancellation” in an AirPods Pro? Whether you are using an iPhone or iPad, move to the “Settings” first. And, from there, head towards the Accessibility option. Can you see the Noise Cancellation option now? Tap on that and instantly activate this feature on iOS devices. Apple stated that AirPods Pr’s feature improved the sound adaptation capabilities.

Transparency Mode Enhanced the Sound Clarity

Many iPhone users reported ACN makes it difficult to hear what’s happening around them. And, this can cause a lot of problems if you use earbuds while driving/walking. Turn on the Transparency Mode to perceive the background sound clearly. This means, even when you are listening to a podcast, you can still hear the car’s horn when you’re in a high traffic area. Moreover, activating Transparency Mode is pretty simple. All you need to do is hold the “Force Sensor” button for a while. You will then get a notification about the Transparency Mode activation.

Improve the Audio Experience with Spatial Audio

Do you use an iPhone 6s or 5? Then, this audio feature won’t be supported there. Apple has designed spatial audio for the users with iPhone 7 and its later versions. And, while streaming Netflix content, activate this feature to get crystal clear sound. But, spatial audio is limited to a few applications and programs. You might not be able to listen to any audio tracks if you use any third-party apps. AirPods Pro users can use this audio feature while watching Apple TV app’s shows.

Do you watch series from Disney Plus on the weekend? Activate spatial audio to make your weekend special. Additionally, this feature will work in streaming platforms like Hulu and Paramount. Though, spatial audio is not currently available on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video. But, Apple might introduce this exclusive audio feature in more apps in future.

Is there any latest update about AirPods Pro?

Apple has recently unveiled that a new fitness tracking feature might get introduced in AirPods Pro. But, when this feature would be available for iOS users is yet to be declared. At the end of 2021, Apple might drop an updated version of AirPods Pro. So, wait till then, and then upgrade the in-ear earbuds for a better audio experience.

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