– Many people ask “Is One Country Giveaway Legit?”. First of all, not all the online giveaway websites are trusted, many of them are fake, scam or just to want the traffics (click bait). So how do we avoid getting scammed online giveaway?.

The characteristics of trusted online giveaway websites and not scam usually often endorse famous artists, upload a lot of evidence of the winners, use the paid tools like a gleam, upviral, kingsumo, etc.

This time we will talk about online sweepstakes (or Many people ask “is one country giveaway legit?”. Let’s find the answer here.

Trustpilot Reviews

Yeah, trustpilot is one of the best website to help us shop or visit an online store / company website with confidence and deliver others reviews to us.

In trustpilot (you can visit here), the total stars is 3.7 from 14 reviewers, more than 65% reviews are good and 29% reviews are bad, which indicates that is not completely trustworthy.

Let’s see two reviews from 5 stars and two reviews from 1 stars

From Jessica Vargas, she rated 5 stars and said :
“Hello everyone I was the winner of the GMC Denali but chose the cash option instead originally I was just donating and yes I had a little hope and wished I would win one day but ultimately I wanted to donate to help those in need. When I won I was a little skeptical and worried that maybe it was a scam and I should’nt be sharing any personal information but I decided to trust and it turned out to be legit. The person that I spoke with was a girl named Maddie and she was always so sweet and polite, she had so much patience when ever I would send her an email asking her questions and she would always answer them. One country is a legit company if you’re looking to donate or win any of this prizes that they offer they are honest and are no frauds. I will add when donating to any of this organizations read all the rules and information, all those rules tell you what to expect and what the contest is all about, also if you’re chosen as the winner the rules let you know what happens and explains everything regarding said prize. One country is a legitimate and honest company.”

From Christy Ridey, she rated 5 stars and said :
I Really I did win $100,000!!!
During the pandemic I found One Country and decided the little I could donate a month would go to good use across their charities. The thought of winning anything never really entered my mind. Holy Cow was I surprised when I was notified that I won $100,000!!!
We are disabled and on a fixed income, that money helped us out a ton. Everyone we spoke with at One Country was very kind and helpful to get me throughout the process and answered my questions rapidly. Not a scam, highly recommend working with One County to spread a some good around.”

From Mario Guerrero, he rated 1 star and said :
They bring on actors in their video giveaways.”

From ANDRE, he rated 1 star and said :
They’re a bunch of fraudsters
They’re a bunch of fraudsters. They made unauthorized charges to my account and when I emailed them to ask them how they received my information they give me general copy and pasted responses. I have to call my bank and file a dispute.”

From David, he rated 1 star and said :
“A group of white scammers trying to profit off poor people. Don’t buy any tickets. it’s a scam!!!!”


We have seen from some reviewers who have reviewed, some of them say that can be trusted because they have won a prize from it, but some of them also say that is a scam because they have been fooled from it.

So what do you think?, can be trusted?. 🙂

Final Words

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