Windows 11 Preview – Till now, 2021 has been a great year in terms of technological advancements and announcements. Tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft have been surprising us with lots of upcoming releases, events, and news. Microsoft is going to release Windows 11, and it’s been a long time since we have received any Windows update after Windows 10.

Microsoft announced that it would publish Windows 11 preview build for testing purposes on 28 June 2021. Well, it’s not a surprise anymore that all major updates are available with public beta versions. So that developers or tech-savvies can dig their hands into the testing and adjusting process. With recommendations from worldwide developers, Microsoft will change the Windows 11 update before it goes universal for every user.

Well, the preview build is not for everyone, as it’s supposed to have built-in bugs. They can slow down your PC. That’s why only professionals should install the preview build of such updates. However, Microsoft has eased the system compatibility for installing the Windows 11 build for now. Let’s check out what’s going on with the Windows 11 preview build and its technical requirements.

Windows 11 Beta Version: System Requirements

Earlier Microsoft stated that Windows 11 would be available for PCs with Intel Core X-series and the Xeon W-series processors. And, users started protesting against Microsoft for announcing such high-end specifications to run the Windows 11 operating system. The same issue arises from the end of developers. That’s why Microsoft decided to revise the system requirements for trying out the Windows 11 preview build for developers, according to Smart Data Recovery professionals.

This time, the system requirements are quite simple, and most users can check out the compatibility of Windows 11 with its public beta version. The preview build of Windows 11 was released in June 2021, just three weeks after adjusting the system requirements for the operating system’s compatibility with the device.

 Microsoft has included Intel 7820Q processors, along with the above-mentioned twos. However, Microsoft skipped the requirements for Mac systems. Additionally, Microsoft has mentioned a chip named TPM 2.0, Apple users can’t avail TPM 2.0 on Macs that are powered by Intel processors. So, Mac users can’t access the Windows 11 preview build.

Windows 11 System Requirements in Detail

Microsoft has clearly mentioned the system essentials to run Windows 11 on its official website, too. Without these bunch of technical aspects, Windows 11 preview build won’t be available for your Windows PC. Check the specifications and ensure whether they match your Windows 10 PC.

  • The processor should be of 64-bit architecture with a clock speed of 1GHz or faster along with two or more cores.
  • The size of RAM should be at least 4GB.
  • Secondary storage should be a minimum of 64GB for the ultimate operations of Windows 11 Preview Build. Make sure that your system holds more space than 64 GB as your PC should have space to install updates regarding definite features.
  • The system firmware should be UEFI and secure boot capable.
  • The graphics card requirements are clear for system requirements. Windows 11 preview build will be compatible with DirectX 12 or later innovation, along with the WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • Your Windows device should have an HD or 720p display. The display should be equal to or greater than 9-inch with 8 bits per colour channel support.
  • The Windows PC should have a Trusted Platform Module of version 2.0.
  • Your computer should have an uninterrupted internet connection while downloading and installing the Windows 11 public beta version.
  • The user should have a valid Microsoft account to register in the Windows Insider program. Or else, the user has to create a Microsoft account to get access to the Windows Insider program.

Additional Information

To check whether your computer is compatible with the device or not, Microsoft recommends using PC Health Check. This application makes sure that your computer can run Windows 11 preview build. However, the accuracy of the PC Health Check might fail in the case of the Windows 11 preview build. That’s why Microsoft disabled the application as the application fails to predict the accuracy of the compatibility of the Windows 11 preview build.

Microsoft revealed that PC Health Check would be available on the web before the Windows 11 preview build gets released. Thus, the PC Health Check application has made a comeback. The application has added all the compatible CPUs and additional information to detect whether the testing CPU can be compatible with Windows 11 or not. Most probably, Windows 11 preview build will be available this fall.

In addition to this, Microsoft feels confident that Windows 11 will run on 8th Gen Intel processors. Moreover, it seems that AMD Zen 2 processors could be compatible with Windows 11 preview build system requirements. The features of the processors should match the security, compatibility, and reliability of the operating system, and Microsoft is so sure about it.

How to Get Windows 11 Beta Version on your Windows 10 PC?

First, check whether the Windows PC is compatible with all the criteria of Microsoft. Only Windows 10 PCs are capable of running the Windows 11 Preview Build version. Here’s how you can download and install the Windows 11 beta version on your computer.

  • Go to Settings and click on Update & Security. Now, check the left pane. Locate the Windows Insider Program option.
  • Then, click the option named Get Started. Now, you have to register under the Windows Insider Program. Hit the Register button, and you might have to provide confirmations to a few prompts. 
  • Check out the terms of the agreement and opt for Submit. And, select Close for the next prompt. Once the registration process starts, you need to link your Microsoft account. Click on the option Link An Account, and you have to go with your valid Microsoft account.
  • Afterwards, you have to join a channel. And, for this purpose, Microsoft requests users to go with the Beta channel. Confirm the upcoming processes. When it completes, reboot your computer by using the option Restart Now.
  • When your computer boots up, go to Settings. Click Update & Security followed by Check for Updates. You might notice that the Windows 11 preview build version has started downloading. Rest for a while the download completes. After that, go for installation.

When the installation completes, the PC will have to take another restart. Click the Restart Now option, and your computer will boot with Windows 11 Beta version.

Windows 11 and its Mind-Blowing Features

The successor of Windows 10, Windows 11, is going to be a big hit, undoubtedly. As learned from the preview build of Windows 11, users will experience integrated Android applications on Windows. Additionally, the desktop can have useful widgets for productivity features.

Moreover, there are improvements in Microsoft Teams integration. The application is receiving features, such as face-lift and others, for a user-friendly interface. In addition, Microsoft Teams will be available for universal users. Multitasking will be redefined by Snap Layouts and Snap Groups on Windows 11. Let’s wait for the grand release of Windows 11 this fall, or it might be released next year.
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