Is Qualcomm’s “Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders” Worth Buying?

Qualcomm has acquired widespread popularity for producing high-end products. Starting from manufacturing semiconductors to wireless telecommunication products — this company offers everything. Qualcomm is largely known for offering Snapdragon processors to Android users.

With Qualcomm Snapdragon, you can enhance the smartphone’s performance. Earlier, Qualcomm has worked with Samsung, Huawei, Poco, and Nokia. And, the reason behind this collaboration is to design the best smartphone processor.

Recently, Qualcomm has announced that its first gaming smartphone is on the way to roll out. Qualcomm has designed this device with the assistance of Asus developers. The Smartphone for Snapdragon has created massive anticipation among Android users. Qualcomm has introduced a next-gen Snapdragon processor in this device.

And, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chip will be much better compared to Samsung’s Exynos 2200. This smartphone is coming with an expandable storage capacity. You can download numerous game files without worrying about storage space.

That’s not the end! This Qualcomm smartphone features a compact-sized display with a high refresh rate. And, a high refresh rate is the most crucial factor of every gaming smartphone. So, if you are interested in game streaming and need a phone, go with this Qualcomm product. It’s affordable and offers a plethora of features to enhance the user’s gaming experience.

But, before buying this smartphone, it’s important to acknowledge its features. So, here we have compiled a list of features that makes this Android phone worth buying:

1. Display — Designed for Hassle-free Gaming

Do you need a smartphone with a 144Hz refresh rate? Opt for buying this Qualcomm smartphone. Earlier in the Asus ROG phone 3, a 144Hz display was noticed. Even in Nubia Play 5G, there is a 144Hz screen. So, this is not something new that Qualcomm has added to its latest smartphone.

With such a high refresh rate, you can bring accuracy to gaming. If you stream multi-players games like Call of Duty or Among us, a 1444Hz refresh rate is required. Because of less response time, there will be a chance of winning. Make sure to contact Mobile Repair Dubai, if SSI’s display gets broken.

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It has a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen which is pretty impressive, isn’t it? And, irrespective of its size, SSI is a light-weighted phone. Samsung’s latest Galaxy F62 came with a 6.78-inch screen which got massive appreciation. So, it can be assumed that Qualcomm added a large screen to compete with Samsung.

Additionally, SSI’s AMOLED display is ideal for hassle-free web surfing. Scroll down through the Facebook feed, read PDF files swiftly on this Qualcomm phone. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to use a smartphone under sunlight. SSI comes with a 1,200 brightness which provides a better screen-viewing capability. Despite its large screen, there will be difficulty in reading long texts in SSI. Even its 20:4:9 screen ratio will decline your overall streaming experience. To fix this issue, Qualcomm might not add a screen-optimising feature.

2. Camera — Exceptional Camera Quality and Features

Now, let’s talk about Snapdragon Insider’s cameras. Qualcomm has three high-end rear cameras in this smartphone. SSI has a 64-megapixel camera which helps to capture sharp images. Additionally, it has a 12-megapixel and an 8-megapixel camera. Enhance photography skills by using SSI’s built-in cameras.

Did you know SSI’s 12-MP camera comes with a wide-angle feature? Yes! Many professional photographers have bought this Qualcomm smartphone for its incredible camera specifications.

Qualcomm is planning to add a “Resolution Mode” in SSI’s cameras later this year. Additionally, you might expect to have a Video Super Resolution feature. Even, a few exclusive camera features are ready to set the bar. Qualcomm has till now announced the following camera enhancements:

• An upgraded camera tuning option is on the way.
• The Night Shot feature will get major improvements.
• A noise reduction tool might be there.
• Better Autofocus feature will be introduced in the coming years.

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What Else SSI’s Camera Do?
Snapdragon Insider’s camera can do much more than you can think. Qualcomm has added AI Technology to increase picture quality and clarity. It comes with an outstanding “Auto-Tracking option which automatically zooms an object. With this auto-adjustment feature, Qualcomm ensures everything is fitting into the camera screen.

However, this Qualcomm phone takes time in identifying/zooming an individual’s face. Sometimes, you might notice that the camera has focused on the background. As a result, your face will become blurry in the clicked pictures. Moreover, some users find blue and green casts after taking pictures from SSI’s camera. So, it’s recommended not to buy this phone, if you have long-term camera use.

3. Performance & Storage Capacity — What’s New in It?

With Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, SSI will do the most job without breaking down. Additionally, while playing intensive games, this phone won’t slow its performance. The users can even opt for screen recording while playing games. And, experts didn’t face any lagging issues while recording the phone screen. But, the system might crash while changing from Portrait to Auto-tracking mode.

Sometimes, SSI will overheat after playing games for a few hours straight. Don’t unnecessarily use the “screen-recording” feature, and it drains the phone’s battery. Users face difficulty unlocking the phone because of an overheated fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm has added a 4,000mAh battery which can last up to 3-days.

Additionally, a Quick Charge 5 adaptor comes with this Qualcomm gaming phone. It helps in super-fast charging. You can fully power up the device within 50 minutes to 1 hour. SSI features 16GB of RAM, which is enough for an Android gaming phone. Moreover, you get 512GB of storage space in the Snapdragon Insiders.

4. Audio — Get the Best Sound Technology Here

SSI is the first-ever gaming smartphone that comes with Snapdragon sound technology. And, do you know why Qualcomm added this ultra-tech facility? Because Snapdragon Sound Technology offers versatile audio profiles. It also reduces Bluetooth latency and contains an advanced amplifier system. SSI features four mics which will improve the music streaming experience.

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Additionally, the “High Dynamic Range Audio Record” option provides high-quality recording. Use stain-free wireless earbuds to get a rich sound. Make sure to connect these earbuds with the smartphone to use it on the go. Furthermore, Qualcomm’s SSI earbuds have noise cancellation features. It might help you to get clear sound even in a crowded place. Qualcomm revealed that there would be new audio features in SSI.

To improve the voice call clarity, they will add a “super-wide band voice” feature. Also, the “high-res audio” feature is aimed at enhancing the audio quality. But, for now, the users didn’t get any sound glitches while playing games. You can clearly hear the sound effects of the games efficiently in SSI.

What are the Notable Features of Snapdragon Insiders?

This Qualcomm phone is compatible with the 5G mobile network. Do you want to use mmWave or a sub-6 5G connection? In Snapdragon Insiders, you can use both of these 5G networks. And, for super-fast game downloading, switch to 5G now. But, if you are comfortable with a 4G or LTE connection, stick to that. Because this smartphone also supports a 4G and LTE network.

SSI’s blue matte finish is what the users like the most. But, its audio and camera features need improvement. And, if you don’t want a Qualcomm processor or a 144Hz display, then buying SSI will be a waste. So, now it’s up to you. Go for this Qualcomm phone if it matches your gaming requirements.
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