You might know that Apple has recently announced the launch of the iOS 15 system. They’re expected to roll it out by the end of 2021. So, that’s great news for users who are waiting for a major system update for their iPhones. Also, from what it seems, you have good reasons to be excited about this announcement. Further, you can expect many new and enhanced features in iOS 15, like in all major updates. 

However, many iOS 14 users want to stick to the system they’re using. Wondering whether you can keep getting iOS 14 updates? In that case, Apple has hinted that you don’t necessarily have to install the major update right now. You can still get security updates for iOS 14, although it’s not clear for how long. 

What do We about the Latest Release?

As mentioned before, the new iOS version should be available to you before the rumoured date. And, for earlier major updates, you had to install the new version as soon as possible. But, not all users aren’t comfortable doing so due to various reasons. So this time, Apple has decided to keep up the security updates for the iOS 14 system. 

That means they’ll keep rolling out patches to keep your device’s security up to date. Now, that’s surely a welcoming move for many iPhone users. However, you’d obviously have to update to iOS 15 to enjoy the latest features on your device. But, you’d also be able to use your older system for a while, if you prefer. Now, that’s an option that Apple didn’t provide when it released earlier updates. 

Reasons You might want to stick with iOS 14

Your device might often face certain issues when you update its system. This mainly happens when you install major system updates. In such cases, you should reach out to a reliable iPhone repair service for an effective solution. They usually charge you a more recommendable price for providing long-term fixes than service centers do. 

So, update-related problems are the main reasons you might want to keep your older system. After all, the initial iOS 15 version might contain certain bugs and glitches. Thus, you might want to wait until Apple releases patches for it to download this system. Apart from that, devices that can’t use iOS 15 can also benefit from Apple’s new decision. 

Now, here are some issues many users face with their iPhones after a major update: 

  1. Malfunctioning Apps

This is among the most common problems that iPhone users report after a major update. Also, you’d usually come across this issue while using third-party applications only. In any case, you might surely want to avoid this problem. It usually shows up on your device due to a glitch. Now, if you face issues after installing iOS 15, you have the option to return to iOS 14. 

  1. Battery Performance Issues

Regardless of the brand, system updates can cause issues with battery life on all devices. In other words, your device’s battery might die significantly faster than usual after a major update. Also, you might have to wait for a patch to fix this issue. But, you need not do that on your iPhone anymore due to Apple’s decision. 

  1. Random restarts

Your device might often randomly reboot due to various causes. Many users have faced this issue after downloading the earlier updates on their iPhones. Now, it’s surely not a permanent issue, and you can find a solution for it. But, keeping the iOS 14 on your device for a while would be a simpler alternative. 

  1. GPS Issues

The GPS on your device is quite a useful feature for various purposes. You might face quite a lot of inconvenience, in case it stops working. Now, many users often face issues with their GPS after updating their devices. In such cases, reverting to your older system can provide you with a temporary solution. 

  1. Top-notch Security Features

iOS 14 includes many high-quality and useful security features. These brought a significant change and enhancement to its preceding system versions. Most users enjoyed the security and privacy features that iOS 14 had to offer them. So, they might want to experience it for a bit longer. In that case, now they have the option to do so after iOS 15 is released. 

Moreover, you can expect a significant update for iOS 14 before iOS 15 comes out. But, it’s not yet clear whether that’s indeed going to happen. 

Top Privacy Features in iOS 14 for which You can Expect Updates

As mentioned before, the iOS 14 system has some optimal security features that users surely love. With Apple’s announcement, you can expect further enhancements to these features. Now, it’s not yet clear what they have in store with their security updates. But, maybe you can expect the following existing features to get better:

  1. Strong Wi-Fi Security

iOS 14 put more focus on wireless network security than earlier systems did. After all, that was the need of the hour with rising cybersecurity threats. This feature provides optimal protection to your wireless network against hackers. It includes the option to use a private address to hide your network’s location as well. 

However, your Wi-Fi network might need some further enhancements in its security. So, the upcoming iOS 14 update might provide your device with that. 

  1. Face ID

This privacy feature was first introduced a few years back in iOS systems. So, it has been around and was developed for quite some time. Now, you might want some more advancements in this highly useful feature. Apple might roll out some updates for it since it’s among the major privacy features. So, you might see some enhancements in Face ID in the next iOS 14 versions. 

  1. App Permissions for Tracking your Activity

This is yet another great privacy and security feature you get in iOS 14. It helps users to protect their data from various cybersecurity threats. Moreover, it also prevents anyone from stealing and selling your information. Hopefully, future security updates would include some advancements for this feature. 

  1. Clipboard Information Protection

You might need to copy a link or other information on your clipboard for various reasons. Now, certain apps on your iPhone can monitor whatever you’ve copied there. So, iOS 14 gives you notifications whenever an app does that. Now, that’s quite a useful feature that you’d want to continue on your iOS system. 

  1. Indicators when Apps use Microphone and Camera

Many apps on your iPhone might need to access the microphone and camera. Usually, they do that only with the users’ permission. But, some third-party applications might use the mic and camera without requesting. iOS 14 informs you know when that happens by showing indicator dots on the screen.

Lastly ….

Apart from other updates, Apple had also announced Privacy Cards for iOS 14. This feature is yet to be rolled out. It informs you what a particular app does with the data it collects from your device. The upcoming security update might introduce this feature on your device. But, you’d have to wait for a while before you find that out for yourself. 

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