As an internet marketer, keeping up with a blog, focusing on SEO, running monthly webinars, and being active on Twitter are just a few of the marketing channels that might require your focus. However, have you considered the powerful benefits of incorporating giveaways into your marketing strategy?

You’ll find the benefits of giveaways can bring you a return on your investment as much, if not more, than any of the aforementioned marketing channels. Below are some of the reasons you might think about running a giveaway:

  • Grow your network. Running a giveaway is a fantastic way to build your social media following on sites like Facebook & Twitter.
  • Generate leads. A sweepstakes is great for growing leads or increasing the number of email list subscribers. It’s a lead generation secret weapon.
  • Save money. Running a giveaway can be an inexpensive & cost-effective marketing channel; the cost associated with running a giveaway can be low and predictable. Just budget for the cost of the prize, how you’ll market it, and the time you spend on managing the process.
  • Gain product exposure. Launching your product with a giveaway is an amazing way to generate buzz around your brand. Having the prize be your product will help gauge interest and fuel excitement. Using your product as the giveaway’s prize is one way to get people excited about your product and try it out.
  • Give back to your fans. Want to share the love & give out prizes to your fans? Running a giveaway is a great way to show your appreciation.
  • Save time & headaches. In relation to other internet marketing channels, running a giveaway doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. In addition, the amount of time spent into creating and launching a giveaway promotion is relatively low. Rafflecopter makes this process fast and easy.
  • Have some fun. Everyone loves the chance of winning! There’s nothing more joyful than delivering the good news to your winners. Relative to other marketing channels, running a giveaway can be a blast.
  • Liven up your community. If you’re looking for a way to get your fans excited, running a giveaway will get them chatting.