– Who doesn’t know giveaways? Everyone must know about an event that can make us get this free gift. Hunting for giveaways and winning them is not an easy thing. Intense competition due to the large number of enthusiasts is the main challenge that must be passed, also for Free iPhone Giveaway. 

Therefore we need a strategy when we will enter the giveaway. This time we will share some tips to win the giveaway. These tips are based on my own experience of having managed to get various prizes from giveaways.

Tips To Win Free iPhone Giveaway 

Here are some tips for you to win an iPhone Giveaway easily. You can follow this tips.

1. Follow the Terms and Conditions

Each giveaway has different terms and conditions, so this is the main point that must be considered. Don’t miss a single ‘T&C’, because if one is missed, we will die before fighting or be disqualified. Also iPhone Giveaway

2. Create out Of the Box Content

Commands to answer with comments to create content in the form of videos or photos, become several forms of challenges in the giveaway. In order to attract the attention of giveaway organizers, create content that is out of the box and different from other participants. For example, answering with rhymes or with sentences that are literary and poetic. 

3. Watch the Competition

The name is also a free event, there must be many fans who are interested in joining the giveaway. When entering a giveaway, we must pay attention to the competition. The trick is to find out the comparison ratio or percentage of the number of prizes given to the number of participants who took part in the iPhone Giveaway

4. Pay Attention to Joining Time

No less important, the timing when you will join the giveaway must also be considered. Try not to join in the early days of the giveaway being published, because it could be that your content such as comments and posts will be drowned by other participants. Choose the time to join when you are about to enter the last day, but don’t miss the deadline too!!

Pray In participating in the iPhone Giveaway, 99% is our effort and 1% is the will of the Creator. Therefore, when participating in the giveaway, don’t forget to always pray and ask God so that we can be one of the winners of the giveaway that is being followed. So those were some tips to win the giveaway. So, don’t forget to try it! Who knows, if you enter the giveaway, you will be the winner. It’s great to be able to get gifts for free.

Tricks to Win Free iPhone Giveaway

There are some tricks how to win iPhone giveaway, check out this information.

1. Like the comments you wrote 

After leaving a comment on the giveaway organizer’s account, you shouldn’t just leave it right away. Tips to attract the attention of the organizers, you should also like the comments you wrote on the giveaway organizer’s account. You can also ask your friends to also like the comments you write. This method can increase your chances of winning a giveaway on Instagram. 

2. Actively Interact on the Giveaway Organizer Account

Some of the purposes of holding a giveaway are to increase brand awareness and engagement on the account. Therefore, the giveaway organizers will definitely be happy if you actively interact with them. You can like some photos of the iPhone Giveaway organizers, then also leave comments on some of their other photos. 

To get more attention from the giveaway organizers, you can also leave a DM on their account. However, the message in the DM that you convey must also be interesting so that the giveaway organizers can glance at it. 

If you enter a giveaway on a certain brand’s account, you can leave a DM containing further questions about their products. If you follow a giveaway on an artist’s or celebrity’s Instagram account, you can leave a DM praising their performance. Make sure you are active on the organizer’s Instagram account during the iPhone Giveaway period.

3. Write a Comment Nearing the Giveaway Deadline

Not infrequently giveaway winners are not chosen directly by the giveaway organizers. To determine the winner of the giveaway usually use a random picker application. The chance to win this random picker giveaway is usually more difficult, because the comments you leave are not read directly by the organizers. 

However, you don’t need to worry because there are several ways to win a random Instagram iPhone Giveaway that you can try. One of them is to write comments close to the giveaway deadline. For example, the winner’s live using the Comment Random Picker is held at 19:00, so you can start leaving comments at 18:00. This method is likely to succeed in getting you selected as the winner of the giveaway using the Comment Random Picker.

4. Leave a Comment and Share Giveaway

More Than Once So that your chance of being selected as a winner increases, you should leave a comment more than once. This also applies as a way to win the Youtube random comment picker giveaway. Try leaving a comment on the giveaway organizer’s video a few times. Don’t forget to share their channel several times on your social media accounts.

5. Don’t Private Your Instagram Account 

How to win the next Instagram iPhone Giveaway is arguably the most important. So that your comments and posts can be seen by the organizers, make sure you don’t lock or private your Instagram account. The reason is, if your Instagram is private then the comments and posts that you share will not be visible. 

6. Pray to Win the Instagram Giveaway

Finally, the way to win the giveaway that you can do is to pray. The reason is, in participating in the giveaway, 99% is our hard work, but remember that there is 1% will of the Creator. Therefore, when participating in the giveaway, don’t forget to always pray so that you can be chosen as the winner of the giveaway.

Those are the ways to win a giveaway that you can try. In addition to participating in giveaways, there are many other ways you can earn money from Instagram. With persistence and consistency, of course, you can win an iPhone Giveaway on Instagram with a hefty prize. If it’s successful later, don’t forget to manage the gifts you get wisely. 

You don’t know how long the trend on Instagram can bring you today’s profits, so careful financial planning is necessary. You can collect little by little the gifts and income you get to save and invest. 

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