– For those of you who often spend time on social media, you must be familiar with the term giveaway. Usually, giveaways or giving out prizes for free are held by certain artists, influencers or brands. Even though it is distributed for free. To win the prizes given for example money giveaway. There are also usually a series of requirements that need to be met. That such as having to follow the account that is holding the giveaway, leaving comments and others.

Then, even though you have followed various specified requirements. Sometimes it is still difficult to become a winner. It is because it turns out that the prize drawing is carried out using a random picker application or chosen at random. However, now you don’t need to hesitate anymore to enter the giveaway because it turns out that there are several tricks you can do so that you are crowned the winner. Curious ? Come on, take a look how to win money giveaway.

What Is A Giveaway and Money Give Away

Giveaway is a term taken from English which means to give for free. However, in its development this term is used to describe a strategy in marketing or promotion. The technical implementation of the giveaway usually starts from the registration process. Then from that process one or more participants are selected to be the winner of the lottery.

Currently, giveaways are also often used as promotional media on social media. The prizes given are usually in the form of products with promotional purposes. Money giveaway is not just a free marketing strategy. It is because if done correctly and on target, the results of the giveaway are not inferior to online advertising.

Besides being useful for promoting products, giveaways also aim to trigger interactions with customers or followers on social media. This is very important to increase brand awareness and engagement on social media.

How to Win a Giveaway on Social Media

Giveaways are often held on social media, unmitigated prizes are also attractive. And ranging from household products, beauty products, phones, playstation, even laptop and other electronic items. It’s only natural that many people are trying to win the money giveaway, maybe you are one of them. So, so that you can win prizes from the giveaway, you can try the ways to win the giveaway below. Check out how!

1. Choose the Giveaway You Want

The way to win the first giveaway, of course, is to choose the giveaway you want to participate in. You can find giveaways with various attractive prizes on social media, such as on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. In addition, there are also many giveaways on Youtube.

Usually Youtubers  insert money giveaway with prizes in the middle of their videos. In addition to artist or influencer accounts, you can also hunt for giveaways on certain brand accounts. Usually these brand accounts hold giveaways for the purpose of promoting their products, so you can get gifts in the form of products or shopping vouchers.

2. Follow the Giveaway on the New Account

As previously mentioned, giveaways are often used as a medium for promotion. Therefore, many new Instagram accounts, especially those with brands, are holding giveaways to increase brand awareness and the number of followers on Instagram.

So that your chance to win your giveaway is even greater, you can try participating in the giveaway from a new account. Newly created Instagram accounts usually don’t have many followers, maybe even few people know about the existence of the account. Therefore, newly created accounts will definitely hold money giveaway frequently to increase interaction on their accounts.

Keep an eye on Instagram accounts that are newly created and don’t have many followers yet, once they hold a giveaway you can follow them right away. That way your chances of winning the giveaway can be wider because there is minimal competition from other followers.

3. Choose a giveaway that doesn’t have too many fans

In addition to participating in the money giveaway from the newly created account, another way to win the giveaway that you can try is by participating in a giveaway that does not have too many fans. In one account, giveaways are often held with several choices of prizes. So that your chances of winning are higher, you should choose a prize that is rarely interested in

4. Understand the Terms Given

In a giveaway there are usually several requirements that must be met in order for you to be selected as a winner. Some of the requirements that are usually included in Instagram giveaways are to follow the account holding the giveaway and their sponsors.

Another requirement to win a money giveaway is usually to like the post containing the giveaway information. In addition, there are usually giveaways that require you to write comments, share posts to Instagram stories, or post photos and videos with a certain theme.

Likewise, how to win a giveaway on Youtube, you must understand the requirements given. Usually in the form of subscribing, liking, and sharing the YouTube channel of the giveaway organizer. Sometimes there are Instagram accounts that allow you to enter the giveaway repeatedly.

However, there are also those who require that you only register once to enter the giveaway. Well, you have to really understand these requirements so that you can be chosen as the winner. Then, you can also find out how big the giveaway prize is from the difficulty of the requirements given by the party holding the money giveaway.

The more difficult the method given, the greater the value of the prize. Even though they have tempting prizes, giveaways that have a lot of requirements are usually rarely interesting. You can take advantage of this opportunity to win the giveaway because it means there will be less competition.

5. Fulfill all the requirements given to win the giveaway

After understanding all the requirements given by the organizer, the next way to win the giveaway is to fulfill all the requirements given. If in the written requirements you must follow me, the organizer, then make sure you have followed the account before participating in the money giveaway.

Try to be careful when meeting these requirements so you can win the giveaway prize. Before you submit an answer, photo, or video to enter the giveaway, you should check the completeness of the requirements that you must meet. Don’t let you fail to be a winner because you pass one or two of the given giveaway requirements.

There are explanations about how to win a money giveaway. Hope this article is useful.

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