Over the years, air conditioner manufacturers have indulged in producing high-end devices. Nowadays, the latest ACs come with energy-efficient capabilities. Moreover, the advanced air conditioners contain smart connectivity options. You will even find improved anti-allergen features in the ACs that launched a year ago. Renowned manufacturers like LG have introduced air conditioners that require less maintenance. But, without adequate maintenance, an air conditioner might stop responding. 

A standard AC can last up to 9-10 years if it is maintained. But, if you don’t opt for AC servicing at least twice a year, it can decline in its longevity. As a result, you might have to end up spending more on AC repair expenses. 

Imagine a situation when you come home from a long tiring day. And, turned on the AC to make the room temperature comfortable. But, you found out that the AC isn’t providing sufficient cool air. This sort of instance can be dreadful, especially in a hot-humid climate. Thus, it becomes essential to maintain the AC to keep aside these problems. 

Make sure to book the necessary AC maintenance service once a year. By doing this, you can retain the functionality of the air conditioner’s units. Get in touch with an AC maintenance company to keep the device in top-notch condition. But, before contacting an expert, homeowners should acknowledge the importance of AC maintenance. 

Here, we have compiled a list of long-term benefits that a well-maintained AC offers, as suggested by AC repair Dubai:

  1. Protect the Device from Unwanted Damage 

Over time, due to dust accumulation, the AC units might become dysfunctional. Moreover, the dust-dirt-grime buildup can prevent the AC unit from working efficiently. As a result, you might have to buy a new air conditioning system within a year. It could be expensive to replace the existing AC if you purchased the device a few years ago. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can save the hassle of investing in a new one.

Moreover, scheduled AC tune-up alleviates unwanted downtimes. This means you no longer have to hire AC repair experts frequently. During AC maintenance, the professionals look for potential damages or leakages. And, by resolving the AC-related issues, you can prevent the device from further damage. 

When was the last time you opted for an AC maintenance service? Is that a year ago? Then, it’s high time to connect with a professional AC service expert. Reduce the stress by taking immediate action.

  1. Reduces the Excessive Energy Consumption

Undoubtedly, air conditioners are considered the most power-intensive appliances. But inadequate maintenance can increase energy consumption even more. Because, when dust particles accumulate in filters, that results in high power consumption. 

Do you know you can save 5% -15% of energy by maintaining the AC? Yes! During the scheduled AC tune-up, the experts look for the air filters. And, if they find the air filters are filled with contaminants, they will replace them. Because dirty filters create obstruction in generating sufficient airflow. 

You might even come across air-borne issues for not cleaning the air filters. Consider replacing this AC unit at least once a month to boost the device’s performance. Do you live in such a place where the temperature always remains high? Or, do you have pets in the house? Then, make sure to clean the air filters frequently to save money on utility bills.

  1. Increases the Device’s Work Efficiency 

To keep the air conditioners in working condition, it’s essential to maintain the device. Moreover, improper maintenance can reduce the work efficiency of the AC up to 7%. Most homeowners tend to neglect the AC maintenance works. But, that can affect the functions of the air conditioning system. 

And, for this reason, this appliance will face constraints while performing the cooling operations. Reach out to an experienced expert so that the AC can work efficiently. When the complicated problems will be resolved, the AC won’t cause any further inconvenience.

Which Air Conditioner Parts Need Constant Maintenance?

Along with air filters, certain other AC parts also need continuous attention. And, these include the air conditioner’s coils, fans, drains and other essential components. Usually, the condenser coils help in extracting warm indoor air. 

Over time, it can collect dust and dirt from the surroundings, which can damage this unit. Do you know that coils can accumulate molds over time? A contaminated condenser coil can reduce the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. So, consider cleaning it every month to keep aside the unwanted problems.

An air conditioner’s evaporator coil is built for transferring excessive heat. And, when this unit becomes dirty, it can disrupt an AC’s cooling functions. But, there are a few clear signs that indicate the evaporator coil needs maintenance. If the air conditioner units start to freeze suddenly, then something is wrong with the evaporator coils. Additionally, water leakage issues is another prime cause of evaporator coil failure. 

Is the AC taking ample time to reduce the room temperature? Then, consider contacting a professional and check this coil. Because most of the time, damaged evaporator coils restrict the airflow. And, this leads to this AC problem. But, there can be other reasons also behind such an occurrence. So, it will be better to leave the diagnostics process to the veteran AC maintenance experts. 

What Happens for Not Maintaining the Coil Fins and Condensate Drains? 

When it comes to AC maintenance, you should emphasise cleaning coil fins. Because a clean and dirt-free coil fin can increase the AC’s lifespan up to 3-4 years. Make sure to opt for coil fin cleaning before the summer. And, if you don’t have the required cleaning tools, hire an AC service expert. 

Are you using the air conditioner for more than 4-5 years? Then, there is a high chance that these aluminium coils might have bent. In certain instances, you have to replace the faulty coil fins at the earliest possible. 

Additionally, homeowners need to clean the AC’s condenser drains periodically. It ensures that the device won’t release excessive moisture while cooling the house. Also, when the condensate drains get clogged, it can cause water drainage problems. 

And, if that is ignored for a long time, the room’s wall might get damaged. It can even lead to mold and bacterial growth as well. So, use natural cleaning solutions like vinegar to clean the condenser drains immediately. 

How Often Should You Clean an AC’s Condensate Drains? 

Don’t forget to turn off the PCB before intervening in the cleaning process. An AC service company recommends cleaning the condensate rains every month. It will be helpful in removing hazardous bacteria from the AC. The device will provide its peak performance when the units are cleaned. 

What is the Job of an Air Conditioner Maintenance Expert?

During a yearly inspection, the AC service technician checks the condensate pump. Additionally, the experts will clean and diagnose the indoor and outdoor AC units. They will check whether the device has been installed properly. Loose wire connections can sometimes result in fire outbreaks. Thus, the technicians will inspect if there are any faulty wires in the AC. 

An AC service provider will look for the susceptible areas which are damage-prone. And, these include the thermostat, compressor, expansion valve and outdoor fans. So, don’t wait! Join hands with a leading AC service company to keep the device on track.

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