Scam Warning And Winning Trick On TikTok Giveaway! – Since TikTok rode its wave to popularity, people are head over heels to join whatever it has trending on the platform. Among many is the TikTok Giveaways, which people start to share and join from left and right. With how fast the platform grows, it is given and unavoidable that such attractive offers turn into scams. So what should you do? Here are things to know!

Scams Signs On Many Giveaways 

It is best to say that scams can happen anywhere, including TikTok. The social media platform has its way to attract people from different demographics. It includes children that are prone to get attracted to something free, without knowing the real instruction and details. It can lead to a destructive situation such as losing money to identity fraud. So, highlight some signs. 

1. Demands Payment To Receive A Prize 

The giveaway winner does not need to pay, wire, or send anything financial to the host. If you found yourself winning something yet you have to pay before getting the price, then it is a scam. How about the shipping price? Many worldwide giveaways do not require payment to their account. The most you should pay is the fee to the IRS, such as tax or customs. 

It is similar to the very common TikTok Giveaways scam practices that ask the winner to wire cash to the sponsor. If you got one, run, avoid, and report. Wiring is the most common way for criminals to receive illicit funds since it is harder to trace the money. You might see a new scam tactic where the winner should buy a green dot moneypak. Avoid it. 

2. Sending Check 

The uses of check indicate a clear connection to scams. It is a trick to fool people to think that their Giveaways give money with a legitimate check. However, many con artists send or use counterfeit checks with fake notifications. This phony contest can lead to crime when you try to cash it. So, be careful. 

3. Pressure To Act In Hurry 

Forcing the TikTok giveaway winner to act in a hurry leads to panic. And what follows panics are losing concentration, details, and lacking perception. It also makes you have no idea that the scammers try to get their money quickly. It can appear as if they want you to answer quickly, get the prize hastily, and not realize you are being defrauded.  

4. Ask For Bank Or Credit Cards Information 

You should never give personal identity and financial information to random people. The scammer might ask for a bank account, credit card number, or even worse your social security number. They use the number to get money from you. It is a huge red flag and you need to run away and ignore it. 

What To Do? 

Due to the high number of TikTok giveaways, it is best to pick something that you can truly trust. And among the best is through It is a website that shares various contests from many hosts, and sources, and has different types of prizes. The site has filters for the best options and makes it simpler to enter. 

But if you found yourself winning a fraudulent giveaway,  keep it in your mind and avoid further contact. You can report the account, block it, and avoid it. Don’t wire anything to the host, especially money and your financial information. Remember that you are a winner, so you don’t need to pay anything. 

How To Win? 

Winning the giveaways is a matter of luck and effort. With TikTok gaining a lot of exposure, you might have to pay more attention to what you are going to join. So to save more time and effort you can always check out and pick the best contest through World-Giveaways.Com. As you find what you are liking, check the sponsor and the prize information. 

If you find it fit and have a good competition for you to join, enter it by clicking enter the giveaway link. The next thing to do is to fully do the instruction. Every TikTok Giveaway might have different qualifications, such as collecting entry points by following its account, IG, FB, Twitter, commenting, sharing, and many more. Be sure you got the best entry and wait for the notification. Good luck!

To make everything easier and better, keep your eyes on The website shares all of the attractive offers and giveaways from TikTok. It also helps ease the process by providing the entry link. So, no need to do crazy things on your TikTok. Try it, you might get the chance to win by simply clicking, following, sharing, or liking some posts.

That is article about Scam Warning And Winning Trick On TikTok Giveaway, While you’re here, be sure to enter interesting giveaways 🙂