How To Be Smart And Win Twitter Giveaway! – A giveaway sounds like a fully luck-based chance. While there is a spot of luck, joining one needs some smart strategic acts to win. Twitter Giveaway in particular is pretty unique, attractive, and fun to join. But is it that easy to get the Win? If you want the easy process, check out and follow its account at @worldgiveaways0.  

Who is @worldgiveaways0

Why @worldgiveaways0 and who are they? You don’t need to worry about the account. It is an official account of, the site that shared and listed international giveaways on the website. The site makes everything easier and simpler, which helps contestants to join without any problems. 

Most of the giveaways are made and done by trusted hosts, which allows more attractive items to win. It even helps interested candidates by providing a direct link to the contest entry. That is why you can trust the site, follow it, and get more information about many other contests from Twitter or any other social media. 

What to do to join giveaways? 

What do you need to do to win the giveaways? Every Twitter Giveaway has its ways of providing and making the contest fun. Some of them use a very common method that allows a worldwide audience to join just by commenting or retweeting a post. But, there is also some host that demands a more complex process. 

To make it easier, world giveaway compiles all of the potential giveaways on its site. There is even more information about the prize and a quick link to the contest entry. You can simply pick the giveaway from the @worldgiveaways0, click the link to reach the website, and click enter the giveaway. The link will show the entry process and the host’s requirements. 

You need to do what it says. The simplest steps are to follow the host’s Twitter account, FB, IG, and many more. There are also steps that demand re-tweet, reposting, commenting, or tagging some people to get interaction on the section. Just by doing the instruction you will be given entry points, or listed as a participant in the giveaway. 

How to win the giveaway?

But the most common question about Twitter Giveaway is how to win it. Surprisingly, many people only highlight the lucky part of it. But behind the RNG or random number generator, giveaways also need some tricks. It is not pretty complicated, but you can get it easily by trying the following tips and tricks. 

1. Be Smart In Retweet And Tag 

Several giveaways involved retweeting and tagging in the process. If so, you can always do it smartly. The key is to avoid spamming and forcing your way to gain attention. If you do more than one contest and retweet everything, your profile will look bad. It is similar to tagging people since both overdid everything only shows your desperation. 

Not only looking bad, but you also have less of a chance to win. Retweeting and tagging people means allowing many others to find out about the giveaway. Those people you tag will increase the competition, which later lessens your chance to win. If you do need to retweet or tag people, do it as close to the deadline of the Twitter Giveaway. So you don’t give people a chance to join. 

2. Reply To Promotor 

If one of the instructions from @worldgiveaways0 demands you to interact in the host’s Twitter account, then do so. The best interaction in it is replying to their tweet, tagging people, and retweeting with your new comment. Don’t forget to tag your reposts. So it will count as an entry. 

3. Carefully Pick Giveaways 

If you look at the @worldgiveaways0 website, there are a bunch of attractive and mouth-watering contests. From iPhones, mac books, PC, money gift cards, and even electric bikes. With the help of @worldgiveaways0, you can join every one of them. But, be careful and check on its competition. The more people join, the less you can win. 

4. Consider Your Profile Page And Username  

Most twitter giveaways are made for social media users. But it does not limit the chance for the community.  You can also expect and join simply by checking out @worldgiveaways0. Just click the contest, click enter, and you will find many other ways to join it. It is simple and you might have the chance to win. 

It can be said that Worldwide – International Giveaways @worldgiveaways0 is a Twitter account that you can follow to find more trusted and well-known global giveaways. You can simply click the post, go to, click the entry, and follow the instructions. With this site, you can find more attractive contests with more prizes to win.

That is How To Be Smart And Win Twitter Giveaway! It’s Not Just A Fluke, While you’re here, be sure to enter interesting giveaways 🙂