– Looking to outshine your competitors and increase customer engagement? Consider using giveaways as a powerful tool to expand your business. They not only add excitement and encourage user interaction but also introduce more people to your brand. However, generating captivating giveaway ideas can be challenging. To assist you in getting started, we have compiled a collection of 8 giveaway ideas for small businesses.

Giveaway Ideas to Grow Your Business

#1 Hashtag Contests

Instagram, a highly popular social media platform, is an excellent avenue for driving user-generated content through contests or giveaways. By running giveaways that prompt users to submit hashtagged photos adhering to specific criteria, you can select winners randomly or based on the merit of their submissions. Implementing this kind of giveaway can greatly enhance consumer relationships and generate a wealth of impactful branded content on social media. It effectively showcases your brand and products to a broad audience, creating an authentic and engaging experience.

#2 Discount Vouchers For The Next Purchase

To incentivize customer participation in your giveaway, consider offering a discount on a future purchase. For instance, a 10% discount voucher could be provided to all giveaway entrants. This strategy fosters greater participation and promotes customer loyalty by encouraging the usage of the discount voucher. Generating repeat business and building customer loyalty becomes more achievable through this method.

#3 Partner with Social Media Influencers

Small businesses can form partnerships with influencers in their specific niche. It is important to identify influencers with an audience that aligns with the potential customer base and collaborate with them to achieve effective outcomes.

By leveraging the existing audience of these influencers, your product’s giveaway can gain extensive exposure. It is not necessary to target influencers with millions of followers; even creators with smaller audiences can yield positive results.

You can expand your influence through new social networks and implement promotional giveaway ideas there. For example, from TikTok, you can redirect Instagram clients. Moreover, there are a lot of foreign networks, but you will have to unblock the websites of some of them. To ensure access blocked websites, you need a VPN with servers in a country where the website is allowed. VeePN has a huge selection of 2500+ servers, there should be one that suits you.

#4 Branded Swags And Merchandise

To promote your brand and generate buzz, one effective tactic is distributing custom-branded merchandise. It not only serves as a gesture of gratitude towards your customers but also acts as a conversation starter. Consider offering unique items such as T-shirts, hats, mugs, pens, tote bags, keychains, and magnets as part of your branded swag collection.

#5 Special Giveaway for Customer Loyalty Program

If you have a loyalty program for your customers, you can reward them with giveaways. Exclusive giveaways can be organized for your loyal members and announced on your marketing channels to encourage others to join the program.

These giveaways can offer special discounts, early access to new products, or gift sets of your most popular items. Get creative and show your appreciation for your loyal customers to enhance customer retention. Take Levi’s as an example. They organize a capsule wardrobe giveaway for their member program. The brand sends an email to announce the giveaway.

The email also highlights what participants can win and includes clear calls to action to enter the giveaway. You can organize a similar exclusive giveaway for your loyalty program members, featuring your products.

#6 Provide Gift Cards

Reducing cart abandonment can be quite challenging, but you can combat it by organizing tailored giveaways aligned with your business needs. As visitors are about to leave your website, keep them engaged by offering a gift card.

Utilize exit-intent popups strategically on your website to showcase your giveaway campaign to the appropriate audience at the opportune moment. This enables those who are planning to leave to participate in your giveaway and ultimately win them back.

#7 Limited Time

Limited-time giveaways create a strong sense of urgency among your audience. For example, offering a high-value and desirable prize with a time-limited contest entry motivates people to take action, fearing they might miss out. You can ask to do something in a limited time, for example, install a VPN now here and get a chance for a gift. Additionally, integrating a countdown timer intensifies the excitement as people eagerly join in the scramble to participate

#8 Add Fun Quizzes

Boost the appeal of your giveaway campaigns by incorporating amusing quizzes on your website! By combining enticing offers with clever questions, you can motivate visitors to take the desired action. These quizzes can focus on brand trivia, accompanied by exclusive discounts for winners. To organize a giveaway campaign on social media, share your entertaining quizzes and utilize popups on your website. By providing a chance to win something in return, engage users with quiz popups. For instance, consider a coffee-related business offering coffee packs to giveaway winners.


Many tools have already been invented for promoting business and attracting clients, you just haven’t used many of them yet. Giveaway is one of those tools that can generate a large influx of users with a small investment. Yes, not all of them will be your potential customers, but ultimately retention rate depends on the content.