Transforming PNG (Portable Network Graphics) to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is pretty simple right now. However, there are different considerable ways available around the internet that lets you export your existing png images to SVG vector files. But, choosing the one of the best ways looks challenging. Thus, we end up with few best and full-fledged ways through which one can easily turn PNG into SVG vector format without any disruption.

Why Convert PNG to SVG Vector?

PNG is the raster image file type that is highly suitable for photographs that come with deep-color depth, while SVG works perfectly for logos, icons, and graphics. Experts reveal that the infinite Scalability offered by SVG vector files is the most appealing reason behind converting PNG to SVG format. We always convey humble thanks to the online converter that mainly functions to convert png raster file to vector SVG using two different considerable illustration presets. 

Best Ways to Convert PNG to Vector SVG


Inkscape is indicated as the one of the easiest sources that works as SVG converter and editor to proceed with SVG vector files. You can find that this program also offers the best png to vector converter to make vector files from existing raster png photos. Despite that all, this program supports conversions on all major operating systems (OS) including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

  • First you need to launch the Inkscape, then choose “Open” button for loading a PNG image file into it
  • Very next, simply head to the listed drawing and editing tools to process the desired modifications to an imported PNG file
  • Right after that, you need to head to Save as an option and make a selection for the SVG 
  • Press the given OK button to convert PNG to SVG with Inkscape


This is one of the easiest and swift desktop-based online converters solutions that takes minimal effort to make file conversions. It is loaded with a free PNG to SVG converter that only requires a couple of steps to create a vector SVG file from existing PNG. You can export png as svg vector graphic file format according to two different presets including high color and black and white. No matter how many png images you want to convert into vector SVG format, this online tool lets you proceed with 100% free conversions:

  • Fetch PNG to SVG converter by theonlineconverter using your web-browser
  • Then, you could add one or more png files to create their SVG vector files
  • After uploading, navigate to settings and choose either you want to make conversions with high color or black & white presets, then click Convert button
  • Finally, you could download all converted SVG vector graphic files at once with a single go


GIMP supports nearly all types of vector file conversions on Linux, Windows, or macOS for free of cost. You can get this png to vector file converter that does not involve daunting intervention to create SVG vector files from PNG images. Besides that all, GIMP allow you to edit images with several formats such as JPEG, TIFF, ICO, TGA, ODG, EMF, and more. You can also account for different tools there such as colors, color balance, resize, flip, layers, exposure, paint, and more for editing concerns. 

  • At first, you need to open GIMP program and start further by adding PNG file in it by using the given Open button
  • You can even navigate with different editing tools there to make editing for the uploaded PNG image
  • Right after that, navigate with File menu > Export as an option and make a selection for the SVG vector as the converted format
  • At last, click on the provided Export button that lets you commence with the PNG to vector SVG file conversions

LibreOffice Draw

Most often online desktop PNG to SVG converter solutions using LibreOffice to export png as svg vector file format. The most appealing part about this program is that it allows you to edit, view, and transform PNG into SVG vector file format. Despite that all, LibreOffice is loaded with different options including Color Fill, Transformation tools, Shapes and Symbols, Text tools, and more. 

  • To start, launch LibreOffice Draw first
  • Then, hit Open option for importing PNG image file into it
  • Right after that, there you can fetch certain image editing tools that lets you edit your imported image file according to your preference
  • Choose SVG as the export format by using the Export menu
  • Click OK to finalize the PNG to SVG conversion

Thankfully, you explored the easiest ways for converting png files to SVG vector graphics, choose one right now and let it do the job precisely. Good Luck!